Skate Team

Introducing our team. We are here to have some fun with them and to support them in their skateboarding goals, whatever they may be. In 2022 we announced our first official team member, Ben, followed by our second, Mal, in 2023. We look forward to growing the team in the future.




Ben Ressler

Ben skating

  • Instagram: @ben.has.a.deathwish
  • Age: 33
  • Resides: Pine Grove, Pennsylvania 
  • Born: Killeen, Texas
  • Skating For: 22+ years
  • Favorite Tricks: Ollies, Caspers, FS Airs, Grinds or Slides on a long, tall, crusty ledge
  • Setup: Powell Peralta Andy Anderson 8.45", Modified Independent 149s, 54mm 101a Mini Logo Wheels, Bones Big Ball Bearings, Lil Jawns Rails
  • Influences: Rodney Mullen, Jim Greco, Andy Anderson, John Cardiel
  • First Skateboard Video: Yeah Right
  • Hobbies: Sports Rock Climbing, Woodworking, Camping
  • Pets: Common Snapping Turtle named Gill
  • Favorite Things About Skating: The creativity, individuality, artistic expression, and freedom. DIY Spots, crusty ledges, skating rocks, and the funny interactions with everyday people while street skating.
  • Other Sponsors: Gnarhard Griptape (check them out on Instagram for sick grip tape art!)