Who We Are

What, Where, & Why

Pond Scum is a small-batch handmade skatewax company from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We started in 2021 with the goal to connect with and support other skaters, skateshops, skateparks, and skateboard related fundraising. We decided to focus on wax as it is something we enjoy and are experienced making and using, and though we offer some other items occasionally that we think are fun, we really want to "pour" ourselves into our wax.


Pond Scum is the creation of Anthony Mead, who resides in Lancaster, PA with his wife, dogs, and cat. He is 40 years old and runs all aspects of Pond Scum. Anthony is a lifelong skateboarder, and has been everything from a kid on old school Peralta decks riding driveway ramps, to a teenager on skinny popsicles skating banks and schools, to an "adult" on a slightly wider board hitting up the skatepark.


Anthony ollie